About Temari-zushi


Temari-zushi is a restaurant established in San Diego.  It lies in the heart of the Midway District, centrally set between Old Town, Point Loma, Mission Hills, and the beautiful San Diego harbor.

Temari-zushi aims to bring exquisite Japanese cuisine to the customers.  It looks to provide a different experience from other sushi establishments in San Diego.  We focus on the novel experience of beautiful temari sushi, delicately made art of ball-shaped sushi, which is a departure from the more widely available Edomae-style nigiri sushi most chefs specialize in serving.  We also offer an authentic Japanese setting for our patrons to enjoy their meals, all individually handmade by our chefs.

Our executive chef Vincent Moore has many years of experience as a chef, especially with extensive training as a sushi chef. With his favorite food being sushi, he decided to dedicate himself fully to his craft, and Temari-zushi is the embodiment of his passion.

The unparalleled taste of our sushi is built upon fresh ingredients and attention to detail matched with careful consideration of mouthfeel.  We pride ourselves on sourcing the freshest seafood possible from various sources. Our signature seafood options are centered around amaebi (sweet shrimp), scallop, bluefin tuna, and geoduck. Chef Moore will take you on an otherworldly journey of culinary delights with your taste buds dancing every step of the way.

Temari (which directly translates to “hand ball” in English) is a colorful Japanese embroidered ball that people traditionally played with in Japan.  Nowadays, temari balls are found more frequently as decorative ornaments in the house.

The Origin of Temari Sushi

From the idea of colorful balls, the Japanese created temarizushi, pronounced as “temari sushi”. They are delicate ball-shaped sushi topped with seafood and edible decorations.  Temari sushi is similar to nigiri but different in shape (round vs. elongated) and comes with more decorations. A nigiri order typically comes in a set of two pieces, but a temari sushi order can vary anywhere from one piece to as many as specified.  Furthermore, the type of rice used in nigiri can be flexible, but the rice used in temari sushi needs to be high quality short grain rice, and requires a meticulous process from our sushi chef to bring it to perfection. 

In Japan, temari sushi is typically made and served as gifts on joyous occasions in Japan like birthday parties, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day: March 3), and more. 

At Temari-zushi, however, it is perfect for all occasions, from your daily dine-in experience to a romantic dinner, a get-together among friends, or a family lunch!  

The Temari-zushi team proudly brings this Japanese tradition to customers in vivid fashion, as the first restaurant in San Diego to serve these delicious works of art!

P.S. We gladly welcome Instagramers who love taking pictures of food presentations.  Don’t worry, we know it’s Insta worthy!


Mon – Thu: 11AM – 3PM
Fri: All Day 11AM – 10PM
Sat: 11AM – 10PM
Sun: Closed
Mon – Thu: 5PM – 9:30PM
Fri: All Day 11AM – 10PM
Sat11AM – 10PM
Sun: Closed


3555 Rosecrans Street
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 380-2157